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Modern Architecture

Digital Signage

Install Digital Signage in your Establishment

WHY DIGITAL? Survey conducted by Indoor Billboard Advertising Association

  • 89% of people "agree" or "strongly agree" that indoor advertising is a good way for messages to be seen.

  • 3 out of 4 people thought about changing behavior after viewing an indoor advertisement.

  • Average Audience Captivation of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. 

    • 22x the captivation of print media​

  • 84% recalled seeing specific ads indoors.

How it works

  • Use Existing TV 

    • or install new TV in desired location​

  • We install Digital Media Player

  • Choose content to be played in your establishment

    • Menu​s

    • Promotions 

    • Internal Messages

    • Entertainment

  • Deploy priceless communication to your customers

What's the cost ?

  • Small installation fee based on hardware needed

  • Monthly fee of $25 for digital signage software

  • Optional Content management/creation services 

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