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Residential Services

Think of Lightman Technology as a technology provider for all facets of your home technology. Starting with the most important foundation of your home technology: your home network, including wired and wireless technology.  Here are some additional products and services we provide:




Golf and Multi-Sport Simulators

 Why let winter stop you from playing, play Pebble Beach right from home!

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Smart Alarm System

Digital Security

Ensuring that your family can safely use the internet and all of their Internet Of Things devices.

Home Control App


Big Speaker


We provide customers with an immersive Audio experience indoors or outdoors. Wired or wireless audio solutions are available.

Security Camera

Physical Security

We provide all types of video options including 4K and 8K televisions, projectors, and outdoor televisions.

From simple universal remotes to whole-home automation systems that make your home technology simple and easy to use.

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Video surveillance, burglar alarms, garage door openers, water, smoke/CO detectors.

Hanging Brass Lamps

Manual and automatic window shades.

Automated lighting solutions.

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