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Residential Services

Think of Lightman Technology as a technology provider for all facets of your home technology. Starting with the most important foundation of your home technology; your home network, including wired and wireless technology.  Here are some additional products and services we provide:


  • Golf and Multi-Sport Simulators:  Why let winter stop you from playing, play Pebble Beach right from home!

  • Digital security: Ensuring that your family can safely use the internet and all of their Internet Of Things devices.

  • Audio: We provide customers an immersive Audio experience, indoors, or outdoor. Wired or wireless audio solutions are available.

  • Video: We provide all types of video options including 4K and 8K televisions, projectors, and outdoor televisions.

  • Automation: From simple universal remotes to whole-home automation systems that make your home technology simple and easy to use.

  • Physical Security: Video surveillance, burglar alarms, garage door openers, water, smoke/CO detectors.

  • Shades: Manual and automatic window shades.

  • Lighting: Automated lighting solutions.

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